PenguinColada Thread

When I was living in the dorms, I had an experience of my own. The dorm room that I resided in was two-storied and shaped like an 'H'. It was about 10:00 or so at night, and my three friends and I were sitting in the building courtyard, them having a cigarette, and me just hanging out, then something caught my eye. On the second floor, on the left part of the 'H', a light was turned on and off every few seconds, and I recognized it to be my friend's room.

The doors in that building would lock on their own whenever you left, so we knew that nobody just waltzed into her room. Naturally, we figured someone had broken in. All three of us got up and went to investigate. When we got to her room, the door was wide open, the light on. All of us had an uneasy feeling. The owner of the room went into the room, the rest of us hanging back. Then the door slammed shut swiftly and loudly behind her and we all screamed.

The RA came to investigate. She told us that there were rumors of weird happenings and, even though it wasn't really allowed, let her drag her mattress down the hall to my room. She bunked with me for the rest of the semester. Thankfully it was a summer one, so it was short. Needless to say, I never got a dorm there again.