Asicaster Thread

It was Halloween a few years ago, I'd met up with an ex-girlfriend of mine to catch up and have casual sex. So I'm at her new place, and she was venting about a guy she had just broken up with who was a bit too clingy and crazy so she broke it off. So we hang out at her place, then crash on her bed. All I remember is dreaming about a construction worker standing around or dragging his feet slowly. I was then woken up by my ex saying "What the fuck was that!" I said I didn't know what she was talking about. Then she asked if I was talking in my sleep, and I said as far as I know I never do, then she said "someone was here". Now this room was really small, by the way, "someone here" meant someone standing right over the bed. I said I don't think she's right but then there was a noise from the next room and I realized something was wrong. She's a pretty unique person and instead of being scared, she jumped right over me in bed to see what was going on. Then she shrieked and I heard a man's voice. I quickly put together that it was her ex who I guess still had keys to the place and came back drunkenly to try and woo her. She's a very strong person and she wasn't too fazed and quickly got him out and her keys back, but it was a really freaky experience for sure.