-kunai Thread

Many people may dismiss this, but it's absolutely true. It happened in Los Angeles, several years ago, on a late afternoon.

I was heading to my friend Ash's place in Koreatown. I was driving through the Hollywood pass, which is a small part of the 101 freeway between Universal City and Hollywood. As I was driving (by myself, which sucks, because I would give anything to have had another witness) I saw this small, silver blur zooming above traffic. It passed over the freeway, heading south through the pass next to the northbound side (it was "going against traffic" about 50-100 feet off the ground and was traveling above the tops of trees but below the top of the mountains directly over Cahuenga Blvd). The branches in the trees actually swayed from this thing passing them.

It was going fast. Significantly fast. Faster than a car, and it was flying with precision as it zipped by.

I did a double-take making sure I was actually seeing something, and there was no doubt I was seeing something, about the size of a car or small bus, and gray.

Fast forward to Ash's, when I'm still in awe over whatever I just saw, and I tell no one. They'll just think I'm crazy or mistaken, right?

So imagine my "Motherfucking what the fuck" the next day when the local news has a story on "UFO sighting over Santa Monica." I get goosebumps, thinking there's no way this is what I saw. They then show footage taken late afternoon of the EXACT SAME OBJECT I saw slightly earlier, but over the sky in Santa Monica.

I did some very quick YouTube searching and found this video. That is the exact object I saw maybe 30-60 minutes before that (based off the remaining daylight) over 15 miles away.

I still don't know how to rationalize it.