twidandsky Thread

It's probably too late, but this still gives me chills.

This summer I went on a weeklong camping trip with my dad and brother. Where we were going didn’t have any connection to the outside world whatsoever, no cell service, no wifi, no buildings, very few other people. My mom was taking care of my dog for the week while we were gone. We went into the wilderness Monday morning. The night before we went in, my dad’s fiancé was experiencing very bad low back pain. She decided to go into urgent care Monday morning. We received one last text from her before losing all connection saying that she just had a cyst by her spine and they would drain it and she would be pain free. Obviously my dad was worried, but it sounded like it would be no big deal so we went camping for the week. Thursday night I had a very vivid unsettling dream. In my dream I was at my dad’s house with just his fiancé and my dog. I was in the bathroom and my dog was very anxious for some reason, jumping in and out of the tub, whining, not sitting still. I kept saying, “what’s the matter? What is it?” until he finally got a whine/howl out that was him clearly saying ‘blood’ (like those dogs that say ‘I love you’). I was confused until a few seconds later, like out of a horror movie, all of the faucets and vents burst with blood. It started dripping out of everything and onto the floor. I started screaming and freaking out and ran out of the bathroom. My dad’s fiancé calmly came over and kept saying, “it’s fine, it’s just blood, we can clean it up.” I tried to calm myself down by saying there was probably something dead in the pipes but all I could picture was a small balloon of blood exploding. I promptly woke up and lay there in the pitch black of the night for quite a while. When I woke up for good, I immediately told my brother every detail of the dream because it was so vivid and really haunted me. We packed up camp and canoed out (back to cell service). When we were able, my dad called his fiancé and found out how the procedure went. Turns out, they went to drain the cyst and instead of fluid they had found it was really filled with blood. She then had to undergo surgery on Thursday to cauterize the vessel that was leaking and clean out the area. My mom had apparently decided to go on an impromptu trip with a friend and had dropped the dog off with my dad’s fiancé so she could take care of him. It had just been the two of them in the house for most of the week. I’ve always known that my dog and I understand each other but that was more paranormal than it’s ever been before.