jacyerickson Thread

I have two. One about myself and one about my mother.

The one about myself isn't that bad, but a bit unnerving. When I was a kid maybe about 12 I had gotten in a fight with my parents. I asked if I could take a walk to blow off steam. We live in a pretty safe neighbourhood and it was still light out so my parents said ok. I decided to do a loop around my neighbourhood and come back home. I got to the top of the hill right before my street so all I'd have to do was come to the bottom of the hill, turn a corner, pass a couple houses and I'd be home. As I was walking down the hill I was looking down, not aware of my surroundings. Suddenly I got a weird feeling urging me to look up. At the bottom of the hill was a man walking up it. Not all that unusual I live in a suburban area and was walking past a bunch of houses. It was a nice evening for a walk so I kept going. He looked normal enough, but as we got closer to each other I kept getting a creepy feeling so I decided to cross the street. Better safe than sorry right? So I cross the street and continue walking down the hill towards home this time near an elementary school that was closed for the day. After a moment I decide to glance across the street to make sure the guy had passed. To my surprise the guy was this time walking down the hill parallel to me across the street. So I pick up my pace and walk faster. After another moment I glance in his direction again and he is walking faster too, keeping pace with me. This time I run as fast as my legs can go to my house without looking back. I made it safely home without incident. A couple days later a few little girls tell my mom (who works at the elementary school I was walking past at the time.) that a creepy man of the same description was bothering them outside the school. Security got the guy to leave and we never saw or heard from him again. I'm much more careful when walking alone now.

The other happened to my mom when she was a kid. She grew up in the Midwest in the middle of nowhere. Acres and acres of farmland with no close neighbors. Her friends decided to sleep the night in a trailer they had on the property having a little slumber party. There were maybe 4 or 5 little girls sleeping in this trailer. As they were getting ready for bed the door handle to the trailer starts to jiggle and jiggle. My mom was convinced her brother was playing a prank on her. He liked to sneak in her room at night and hide under the bed to scare her when she got in it all the time so this would be something he would do. She started yelling at him to stop and that she was going to tell mom in the morning. It kept jiggling and then they heard a scratching scraping noise. They were getting freaked out a bit but my mom was still thinking (hoping really) it was her brother. He's the type of persistent pranker that would continue to scare her for hours if he didn't get bored so she really thought it was him. The scraping continued and my mom just kept yelling at her "brother." This continued all night. When the sun came up in the morning it stopped and they heard footsteps running away. They waited another 30 minutes or so before braving to go outside. The lock on the door handle was almost scraped through. If the sun had come up a little later it would have been broken into. The girls ran into the house and my mom tells her mom what her "stupid brother" did and how big of trouble he should be in. My grandma then explained to my mom that her brother was sleeping at his friends house last night and hadn't gotten home yet..........