gnobodyhome Thread

I have never posted this before, but I swear on my left nut this is 100% true. My god brother was named Oliver. He died an awful death from cancer when he and I both were 8. It was very traumatic to me and all of both families. I have seen oliver a couple of times since then, and I swear he still watches out for me. (Shit I am getting goose bumps typing this!) The first time, I was exploring out in the boonies. I saw a cool looking little wash out, this was by a local river, I thought I would climb in and explore it. I heard him tell me not to, Clearly.... I looked around, I was alone, I left. the next day the wash out was gone. The second time, and in my opinion the most useful... I had been married for a few years, not sure how many. I was on my way to a lovely and very cooperative young ladies house, to be 100% stupid... All of a sudden, in the corner of my eye there was somebody in the passenger seat, I had been alone in the car, but I was not now. I was doing 70 on the freeway BTW... Oliver looked at me for a few seconds, I saw him as clear as I see my screen in front of me, I swear. He was the age I remembered him, but not sick like I remembered. He looked at me for a few seconds and then said "don't do this, please." then he was gone. I went home, quickly. I hope I never see him again No, I hope I never need to see him, until he comes to walk a long strange path with me.