frankrizzo24 Thread

Here if my story I posted in Letsnotmeet a few years back. Its a TRUE story about a pedophile:

This old guy would go into a friends job and pretend to be a massage therapist. He had fake cards made up and would give them to my friend who was 16 (looked younger). He kept trying to get him into his car to go back to his house for a massage. The guy was very creepy and used a fake name, "Bob Kohler".

One night a bunch of friends were hanging out and I suggest I prank call this guy. I get on the phone making a baby voice saying i was 7, and found his name on a bathroom wall. He was instantly interested but used creepy phrases like "How do i know you're legit?" and "What do you want me to do to you". I suggest I leave my house (parents asleep) and meet him at a park near my house. We pile into the car and drive past the park, sure enough we find the guy sitting in his car across the street waiting for the little boy.

After an hour he leaves and we follow him back to his house. It looks straight out of a nightmare. The neighborhood was nice but his house was covered with trees so thick you couldn't see the front door. We do a reverse search on his address and get his real name. Confirmed child molester. We called the cops but they said they couldn't do anything because he "didn't actually molest the 7 year old at the park".

We leave it be for about 5 years then one night drive past his house. It's boarded up and most of the trees are cut down. We asked a jogger about the man who lived there. He said the guy was a creep and a molester and died alone. No family. Next logical step: we break into the house. We go near the steps in the back yard and find hidden steps down. The door is locked from the outside. We unlock it and go in. The basement had old photo developing equipment (or so my friend said). But not much more. We go upstairs and notice the lock is on the outside of the basement door. We continue through the house and we come to the hallway. It was about 8 doors. All locks on the outside. Each closet had scattered toys like army men and dress-up jewelry on the floor.

We go up to the attic, again, lock on the outside. We go in the attic and the wood plank floor looks new. However it doesn't meet flush with the wall. We reach under the floor boards and start pulling out toys, children's clothes, and animal bones. We felt like we were going to puke so we left and never looked back. 10 years later and the house still haunts me.

TL;DR: Friends and I trick a pedophile. After he dies we broke into his house and found a bunch of super creepy stuff.

Edit: wanted to emphasize this is 100% true.