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This will probably get buried but it's worth a shot. This story was told to me by my mother. I remember parts of it happening but not all because I was still pretty young.

Here we go. So one night when we were living in Salem, MA my mother was reading me a bedtime story when I stopped her. I told her that the man said everything was going to be fine. She had no idea what I was talking about and asked me about the man. "The man behind you, his hand is on your shoulder and he has a cat on his arm, he says everything will be fine." She was a little bit freaked out at the time but figured I was just talking some little kid crazy shit. She said later it hit her and she realized I was talking about my uncle. My uncle died a few months before I was born after being sick for a long time. Obviously I had never seen the man before and hadn't been told any stories at this point. My uncle (dads brother) was very close with my mother and also happened to have a traditional tattoo of a panther on his forearm. Apparently this all happened at a time where my parents were going through a lot of financial issues and were pretty stressed.

I'm also named after my uncle and my parents say it's eery how close I am to him in terms of personality. They've told me stories of him since and he really was a good man. Thanks Uncle Johnny and I miss you.