bigtreeworld Thread

Oh yes. I've posted it before, but here's the story of my creepy summer at cadet camp!

Kay, this happened to me in Summer of 2009 (I think). I was at a 6-week Air Cadet band camp, and basically it was the most fucked up 6 weeks of my life.

So, second night there, we're lying in bed in our barracks. There's 8 of us to a room, and we're awake at just about midnight talking about girls and texting. One guy, let's call him Alex, is the only one sleeping and is lying on the bottom bunk next to the door. Suddenly, he moans and he's like "guys, what am I drinking?" We all burst out laughing, but when he flipped on the light switch he was covered in blood. (This isn't the weird part, it was just a nose bleed). So we call the Sergeant in to change his sheets and shit, and they flip off the lights while he's cleaning himself up in the bathroom. We lay there, staring up, while we wait for Alex to return. When he does return, he flips on the lights. Then he turns them off again once he's in bed. This time, we notice there's a weird glow on the ceiling. The dude on Alex's top bunk (let's call him Brad) starts freaking out and jumps off his bed. Naturally, we all jump off our beds too to see what he's tripping about. On the ceiling, in glow-in-the-dark letters, are the words "Die Adam...", and it looks like blood spatters around it. (By the way, Adam was the name of a kid who supposedly committed suicide years ago in that very same barrack block.) Bear in mind, those letters were DEFINITELY NOT THERE before he returned from his nosebleed clean-up. We freaked shit and yelled for the Sergeants and basically didn't sleep that night.

That's just the beginning of even more weird shit.

So fast forward a couple weeks, a bunch of us (including Alex and Brad) are chilling in a room. Enter Sergeant Williams, looking very pissed off. He mentions that a friend of his recently got shot in a gang-related something or other. His reaction is to sit down cross-legged and start chanting in some language. One kid, I'll name him Simon, says "You're gonna burn yourself out, man." Sgt Williams says "No, I have more than you think." Now, the rest of us don't have any idea WTF is happening so we just kinda start laughing whine he does this weird snapping-then-patting-the-ground thing. Angry, he tells us that he's chanting in Gaelic and that he can manipulate energy with his mind. We're all like 14 -17-year-olds, so we burst out laughing. He beckons me over and tells me to put out my hand. I oblige, and he hovers his hand over mine. So far, I'm like "WTF is this? lol". And then my hand just turns really fucking hot and I retract it quickly. I'm fucking scared, so I kinda just leave the room. A few minutes later, Sgt Williams tracks each one of us that were in that room down and tells us if we tell anyone, he will "fucking, no joke, murder" us. I nod, and keep silent (I'm easily bullied :( ) but Alex and one of his friends go straight to the Sergeants. I wasn't there, but from what Alex told me, I gather that Alex and his friend were put into lockdown while the police came and took a struggling Sgt Williams away. We heard rumours that he was temporarily moved to an asylum.

One more weird thing happened. We were about 4 weeks into the camp. It was a Saturday, and it was windy as HELL. They wouldn't let us out of our barracks because apparently there was a tornado warning and they were on standby to move us all to the basement or something. So we all sat in the halls, polishing our boots and singing Amazing Grace, when all the power went out. It was like a movie cuz there was lightning and stuff and people were hysterical. Suddenly, some dipshit at the window starts freaking out, and a bunch of us run to the window to see what's outside. Now I didn't get to see it , but apparently people could see a very Sergeant Williams-like figure standing in the middle of the field behind our barracks, staring at us. WTF.

Seriously some freaky, horror story shit. It was awesome and horrifying at the same time. Craziest 6 weeks ever haha.

EDIT: TL;DR: Weird glow-in the dark blood letters appear on ceiling, some freak messes with my hand through what appears to be magic, and said freak also apparently makes a tornado in revenge for us snitching on him.