Benny3588 Thread

Okay so I may have a few stories but I'll just talk about ne of them.

I was young, maybe 3rd grade, and my cousin and I were staying the night at our grandpa's house. My grandpa's house is out in the wilderness, not too far outta town but far enough to be extremely dark at night. I t was getting about bed time, around 11. My cousin and decided to pull out the sofa from the couch and crawl in and continue playing Playstation. While we were doing this, my step grandpa came in with her hair tightly bound in pale yellow curlers and said good night to us and went upstairs. About 15 minutes later my little ole grandpa came in talked to us, said good night and went upstairs. Now I 100% remember him walking up the stairs. After he got up there and my cousin and I finished our mission on the LOTR game, about 5 minutes after g-pa left upstairs, I went into the kitchen get some water. Right as I walked in I hear a high pitched creeking noise and, now in the kitchen, I looks to where the noise was into the laundry room, which the first room you walk into from the front door. I looked in there and I saw a human torso shadow, I vividly remember the shoulders, neck and head. I called out "grandpa, grandpa, grandpa!" Thinking maybe he got by my cousin and I, but there was no answer. After I got done calling for grandpa I saw the shoulders turn like the figure was turning around. I saw that I immediately ran back in to the living room with my cousin, crawled in bed and didn't say anything. Then my grandpa came walking down the stairs and said he was getting water. At that point I was terrified. Now for the part I HATE!! The next morning I got up, went into the kitchen and looked in the same room and I noticed something above the door... my grandpa had nailed a cross just above the door heading into the room I saw the torso figure. That really scared me and I called my mom to come get me. I'm 20 years old now and that cross is still up there and u get the chills/goosebumps just thinking about it.