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I've posted this a few times before.

I tend to take any personal ghost story I read online with a grain of salt, so I totally understand skepticism. However, I ask you to take my word that this event happened just as I will describe. It must have been about three years ago. My ex-girlfriend and I were riding in my car back to my place at around 2am. The house is in a rural area in the panhandle of Florida. The road we were on comes to a Y at which we can continue straight or veer to the left to go towards my house. Immediately after taking the left, we start a short incline that takes about 5 seconds before leveling out. Soon after reaching the top of this small climb, I notice something to the left of the road. In the first split-second, I think I must be seeing a panther. After all, there are panthers in this area of Florida, and although rare, sightings do occur. However, as my eyes adjust to this object I notice that it is not a panther at all. The length, height and color of this object made me think of a panther. It is about 5 feet long, 3 feet tall, and black. I then think that it must be a cloud of smoke from an unseen fire in the woods to the left of the road. I soon dismiss that idea when I realize it is moving across the road from left to right, not leaving anything behind and moving too quickly for wind to be carrying it. It is, like I said, 5 feet long and 3 feet tall, black, and smokey in composition. In the center of the cloud it is completely opaque, you cannot see through. The edges of the cloud possess some translucence and appear to be wispy writhing tentacles of smoke all around. It moves about as fast as a sprinter as it crosses in front of us from left to right before dissipating on the right side of the road in a ditch in front of a house. The whole sighting took maybe 3 or 4 seconds. Needless to say we were both shocked, and we rode in silence for about 10 seconds before I asked her if she had seen it. She acknowledged that she had but when I tried to start speculating she said she didn't want to talk about it. I think only once more in our relationship did I ask her about it and she remained unwilling to address it. It moved with speed, did not break up until completely disappearing at the end of its movement, and was too dark and thick in the center to be smoke from a fire. Whats more, the direction it was coming from was a wooded area to the left of the road. About 10 feet more down the road from where we saw it is a perpendicular street that takes you down behind where it came from into a cemetery. It is called Crain cemetery and there used to be a church on the grounds that I was told had burned down a couple decades ago. I rode back there a few days later on a foggy morning just to scope it out. I have not told anyone but a few friends about this and felt like sharing it. If you have any questions or speculations, I'd love to hear them.