Se7enYears1992 Thread

When I was 15/16 I lived in an apartment building built in probably the seventies with my father. Keep in mind my father is is built like a brick shit house and absolutely does not scare easy. There was always a weird, heavy feeling in the apartment, just never felt right. One night I was in my father's room (Being a 15 year old girl I wanted privacy) talking on the phone to my friend and my father was out in the living room watching a movie. I'm facing the wall laying on my dads bed and I turn over and right by the bathroom door there are these two glowing orbs swirling around each other, I'm speechless and remember hearing my friend on the phone saying "hello?" repeatedly, getting more frantic as I'm watching these orbs do their crazy dancing shit. I hang up the phone by now and all the sudden in between these orbs little, almost transparent feet start to appear. That's when I decide to get up and run right past that shit and run into the living room where my dad is and he's looking at me like I'm crazy, so I start to tell him what happened and I don't think he believed me. Over the next couple weeks shit started to get so weird in my fathers room that he started to sleep out in the living room with me. He never told me exactly what was going on in his room because I think he didn't want to scare me. A couple years later he told me what was the breaking point and what was the reason he started to sleep out on the living room floor. "I woke up one night with a really strange feeling, like something was starting at me and had been for so long that I woke up from it, you know the feeling. So I turn over away from the wall and there's nothing there. But I still had this weird feeling of something starting at me. After a few minutes of staring into the darkness I heard something speak! It wasn't English and I don't know if it wasn't even a human language but it was just one word. I couldn't say it if I tried. I heard it say the same thing a couple of times and decided fuck this and ran into the living room too sleep with you." This story scared the living shit out of me mainly because my dad, like I said, absolutely does not scare easy. So for a man like my father to get so spooked to run into the living room and sleep with his fifteen year old daughter just does not sit well with me. We lived in that apartment for a couple more months with more weird shit happening and my dad never went and slept in his own room again.