Pourawaythrowaway Thread

This is very long, so I'll cut of some of it.


In senior year, my mother decided to buy an old house. We were all very reluctant about moving, I most of all. I hated the house, I was never happy in it, infact, there was rarely any happy moments in the following years in it.

My bedroom is in the basement, in front is a staircase with door, leading upstairs. I sleep with my door closed. Always. One night, I was slowly waking up, as I had to pee. I was lying on my side, facing the door. As I opened my eyes, I noticed my bedroom door was open, and massive shadow of a man was standing there, holding the door handle. There was light illuminating him. I thought I was still dreaming. I said "hello", still rubbing my eyes. The shadow seemed startled and steps back, as he did, he stepped on a piece of paper I had unsuccessfully thrown into my trashcan earlier that day. That's when I realized I was not dreaming. I jumped out of bed, as I did so, he starts to run and closes the door quickly behind him. I throw the door open, and it is absolutely pitch black. No light is on at all. I turn on the lights, and start looking around. I wasn't even scared for some reason. I checked everywhere. The stairs door was closed and I didn't hear it open, so he should've still been down stairs. I even checked the furnace room, which always scared me.

I went back into my room, left the light on, and layed in bed until i fell asleep again, and did not mention it to anyone the next day.

My parents decide to renovate the house a few months later. The upstairs floor was off limits. Everyone had moved downstairs while work was being done.

One day I was watching tv downstairs, alone. My family were in the bedrooms studying. I had just turned the channel when I hear a huge THUD on top of me, and then someone running from that spot towards the window. I jump and run the same way to see if something jumped out the window. It sounded like someone the size of a kid leaped off the island upstairs, ran across the floor, towards the window. I ran to my mother and told her. She said that I was crazy. I was awake. I knew it happened....

A few days after that, I woke up to a violent noise. Someone was going through the desk drawers, a few feet behind my head, as if they were searching for something desperately. They'd rummage through the drawer and then force it shut, as loud as possible, and then proceed to open the next one. I raised my head slowly, in the dark, wondering if it can see me. It immediately stopped. I layed my head back down, completely paralyzed in fear. Five seconds later, it started again... I was too scared to get up and wake up my sister, who was closer to it than I was. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep until I actually fell asleep.


Our family relationship has changed dramatically in one year. Everyone was always fighting.I had moved out for a few months at some point.

One night, at my apartment, I was asleep and woke up to a hideous mask hanging on top of the ceiling. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. It was maliciously smiling and it looked like the wall was melting into him. I brushed it off as a sleep paralysis when i finally got out of bed.

When I had moved back in at my family's house a few weeks after, I overheard my eldest sister speaking to my mother nonchalantly, about waking up one day and seeing a strange mask staring and laughing at her.

It was my first week back.. and the shadow made an appearance again. I was rolling to my side, and opened my eyes briefly. As I did, I saw a glimpse of him standing in the doorway, door completely ajar.

There was a period where we heard a lot of footsteps upstairs, things falling from the kitchen cabinets, etc. My mom officially adopted a broomstick as her sleeping companion.


Due to the strained relationships in my family, I decided to get a baby kitten, as I always wanted one, and I thought it might bring us closer together. I think it worked, and this seemed to piss off whatever was in that house.

Everyone started seeing and hearing things. Not just my sister and I. Even my skeptical father started asking us who would leave the water running at night, or was in the living room watching tv, etc. Everyone completely abandoned the first floor at that point. No one went up there, except to eat. My mother, little brother, and little sister started sleeping in the basement living room, because the couldn't get any sleep upstairs due to the noise that freaked my mother out.


My last week there, I woke up to find the shadow standing at the doorway again. This time he was vibrating. As if he is trying to enter the room but the room won't let him. He kept pushing thorough. I was terrified at first, but then I realized that he can't get in. I sat up and stared at him, for what seemed like an eternity. He was completely dimensionless. It was just a shadow, dark and all consuming. I eventually drifted to sleep a few hours after.

A few days after: I was trying to sleep, as I had an exam the next day. It was around 2:20 am. My cat and I were getting ready for bed, and my mother and siblings were already asleep in the living room. I fell asleep, and then I heard heaving. I woke up at 3 am and found my cat throwing up, right under my bed. I was worried about him, so I lifted him up. As I did so, I got the strangest feeling. Something was wrong. I couldn't get back into bed. I grabbed my blanket and pillow and made my way to the living room. As I did so, I started to feel dizzy. I had to hold onto the wall to walk. I smelled burning electrical wires. I dropped my cat. I told my mother I was not comfortable sleeping alone tonight, and I ended up nuzzling next to her. I fell asleep, and had the most vivid, most terrifying dreams I have ever had. It was also a bit of a cliche, which scared me more...

Dream: It was in the past. There weren't as many houses around, the elementary school in front of our house seemed to be quite new. There were old cars parked, and the way we were dressed suggested that.

I was holding two kids hands--a boy and a girl, siblings. I appear to be the baby sister. I could see our house half a block away, we had to cross the street to get to it. Mid way through the street, a lady comes up to me and stops me. She tries to talk to me and make conversation I feel disrupted. The kids let go of my hand and continue walking holding each others hands instead, and they wait at the crosswalk. I smile at them and turn back to the lady. I apologize and say " I'm sorry but I have to take the kids back home now" and I look back at them. She looks at me and looks to where I am looking. Her face scrunches up and asks me "what kids?" I tell her "the kids that live in that house". Her face looks uncomfortable and says "honey, those kids are dead, their father killed them then shot himself". I turn and look at the kids, and I get chills as my eyes widen, and I jump out of sleep. As I jump out of sleep and open my eyes, I see two bright shadows staring at me, one is white and one is light blue. They jump back as if they're surprised I woke up. and I'm about to scream when I hear a voice say in my left ear " Leave", and in the other ear "This is not your house". I woke my mother up and told her everything. She is as big of a pussy as me, so she was terrified. My cat goes crazy at this point, running from wall to wall, hissing and yelling, and then my bedroom door slowly opens, and she runs inside, and the door then slowly closes. We didn't go back to sleep that night. I ended up missing my final exam and booking a ticket out of there to get out of the country and see family. During the days before my flight, everyone started sleeping in my room. My mother had confessed that she sprinkled Sage leaves all over my bedroom when I had moved back in, because of what my sister had mentioned regarding the mask.

My last day there It was home with my mother in the afternoon. Nothing happens in the afternoon so I wasn't too worried. The stairs door was opened, but my bedroom door was closed. I was lying on the floor, with my feet up against the door, talking to my friend, when I stopped. I told her that I think my mother is eavesdropping on our convo. I then say "hold on, i'm gonna catch her" Just as I said so, I heard my door creek, then the staircase door slam, with heavy footsteps running up the stairs. I threw my door open and saw the staircase door was open. I was confused. I walked up the first two steps and started yelling " Mom...?...Momm....?" and then she answered me. "Whattttt" She was asleep on the couch, in the basement, and I had awoken her...

That was my last day in that hell hole, and my family moved out quickly after. I have never experienced anything like that since


Even after all this, I was a skeptic. Genuinely. I thought maybe there is something wrong with me, and my family.

It wasn't until my aunt(father's side), who is completely unaware of what was happening in the house, called my mother frantically. She was speaking to potential tenants outside, her facing the house, when she saw a massive black shadow of a man, stick itself out of the window, in broad daylight, and look at them. She thought someone broke into the house, and ran inside to check, but found nothing. She refused to go back into the house since.

** TLDR: Moved into a haunted house with a shadow that harassed my family and I. **