GenBlase Thread

I was going to middle school. I was on the bus and it was an hour drive so I slept. When I woke up there was a huge traffic on a turnpike. The weather was supposed to be sunny and clear but a thick fog came over us. After a few minutes of bumper to bumper action it suddenly cleared up as if there was a bubble in the fog. What I saw was horrifying.

A huge accident, wrecked cars, blood and bodies everywhere. The thing that really gets me was that everyone was staring at me, even the "dead" ones. It looked like something from a zombie movie.

Then fog suddenly became dense again. When we were clear of the fog I've asked the driver what the living fuck was that and she said that there was nothing. No traffic, fog or accident.

To this day I am still freaked out about it. Then again it could just be a dream.