sgt_roflman Thread

Nothing major but this happened to me earlier this year. I was living at my girlfriends house and they had 2 new puppies.

My girlfriend and her family went out to a friends place one night. I would normally just chill in the bedroom and play video games so this was to be no exception. However every 10 minutes or so I would hear the puppies knock something over or just mucking around in the loungeroom. Deciding that I would rather play games than clean up after puppies I put them in the laundry at the other end of the house where there would be nothing to destroy.

They started whining and barking a lot like they would every night when they were put in there to sleep so I thought nothing of it. That was until about half an hour later when I heard a hushed voice say "Calm down" and instantly the dogs were silent. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I froze. I was the only one home. The doors were locked. I was shitting bricks. I just sat in the room staring at the door until my girlfriend and her family got home.

When they checked on the puppies they were huddled in the corner shivering, they acted very timid for the next two weeks. I still don't understand what I experienced.