polygala Thread

This event was witnessed by four separate people from different perspectives and caused a grown man to cry:

It's Christmas eve, and a group of my friends from high school are hanging out at a parents house in the middle of nowhere.

It's about 2am and we're all hyped to see each other, so to keep things exciting, 3 of us decide to race along the dirt road outside while one of our chubbier friends waits to mark the finish line. The plan is to run down to the half mile mark, then turn back toward the finish line.

So we take off and we're all three in sight of each other until one friend drops to the ground out of breath at the half mark. I'm in second as I run to the finish line, but I think I see Ben, who I thought quit, catching up to me, but running through the woods, not along the road with me.

Next thing I know he is just flying through the dense woods. Right as he passes me I realize that no living thing could be running that quickly through thick woods, especially not in pitch darkness. The image flies past me and disappears. I am terrified.

As I approach the finish line, the winner is in tears. Before I can say anything about what I saw, he tells me he thought I was right on his heels the whole way back from the half mark, but when he finished and turned around, I was not in sight.

I have no explanation for what we saw that night, but there is no doubt in my mind that something paranormal occurred.