minimex06 Thread

We used to live in a 2 story house that was originally a duplex. My mom inherited it from her dad and decided to make it one large house. So the top was exactly like the bottom, and while we were remodeling we used the upstairs as bedrooms. One day while my mom was at church (she's very religious) me and my older brother were in his "room" (it was like the living room) talking. My mom had just replaced all the door knobs with handles that you have to grasp and pull down. We heard a noise from her room and both watched as the handle was pulled down, the door swung open, and then shut. After the door clicked shut, the handle went back up. Me and my brother looked at each other, then ran downstairs as fast as we could. We were definitely the only ones in the house. That was just one weird thing that happened there.