mindseer Thread

This isn't as creepy as most of these stories, but it's the closest thing I have. My grandmother died when I was 8. She had a stroke and essentially was brought home to die in peace. Me and my mom and sister drove to my grandparents house late one night in understanding that she didn't have much longer to live. When we got there I was exhausted as it was way past my bed time, so I walked right by her hospital bed set up in the living room and went to sleep. I was woken up the next morning by my 3 cousins telling me that granny had died during the night. I felt guilty that I didn't even tell her I loved her, or goodnight before going to bed, despite the fact that she was pretty much non responsive to people at that point. Well sometime after her funeral, I don't remember if it was days or months, I had a dream. In the dream me and my grandmother spent the day together at my grandparents farm. I don't remember most of that part of the dream, just the end has stuck with me. She turned to me and said she had to leave now, and suddenly there was a blue van in the driveway driven by my deceased uncle who died before I was born. I recognized him from a family portrait. She got into the back of the van and I jumped in at the last minute as it started to drive up their long driveway. I told her I wanted to come with her, that I loved her and missed her. She told me she loved me too, but that I couldn't come with her. Right as she said that I felt the van start to lift off the ground and fly upwards, and at that instant I woke up. My rational side tells me it was my own subconscious trying to ease my guilt at not saying goodbye to her before she died, but the rest of me wants to believe it was really her giving me the chance to say goodbye.