ethnicallyambiguous Thread

I can’t remember exactly when this happened. I’d say somewhere around 1994-1996.

My cousin’s bedroom was in the attic. On the wall at the top of the stairs was a light fixture common to basements and attics; nothing but a naked light bulb with a short pull chain. We were watching TV at around 9pm with the only lights being the large TV and the light bulb sticking out from the wall. The TV went to static suddenly, as if the signal was lost. Then the bulb in the light fixture went… down. Not out completely, but became dim. It was still enough light to see by, barely, but it was so dim that I could see the filament glowing, more red than orange. The TV was all static, including white noise. Then over the white noise, but still coming from the TV, we heard a voice. A deep, foreboding voice that was perfectly clear despite the static in the background. It spoke, calmly… “He is the magic man.”

A second or two went by and the TV went back to normal. Then the light at the top of the stairs went back to normal. We looked at each other, unsure of what happened, and just started laughing. Not that it was funny, but I think that’s just how we dealt with the, “What the fuck just happened?” feeling. I thought maybe there was a power surge or brown-out and maybe a neighboring channel’s audio bled through, but we surfed surrounding channels and even checked the TV guide. We found nothing we thought would have accounted for what we heard. We also learned that no one else in the house experienced any power surges or TV interruption.

We continued to watch TV. About 10 minutes later, a large jar candle (unlit) sitting on top of the TV fell to the floor. It was nowhere near the edge and was rather heavy, so as much as I would like to believe it was simply vibrations from the TV that led it to slide off, I can’t quite convince myself.

I’ve never been able to explain it, and about once a year I’ll ask the Google machine about it, but to no avail. It’s the only paranormal experience I’ve ever had that I can’t explain away. I still wonder who The Magic Man is.