ciderswiller Thread

I think this will get buried as I am late to the show - but whatever.

When were were around 16 or so a group of us girls (normally four) would get together and make an ouija board out of bits of paper etc. It always worked! But was never that creepy as our glass often just spun around and wrote out gibberish. No one pushed it - you could feel it was almost floating.

Anyway onto the main event.

So we were getting braver and felt that the board worked better in spooky situations. So we went into a forest and set it up. Here we are, four 16 year old girls in the forest, at night, with an ouiji board - smart right?

Well the usual starts happening, a bit better than normal. I think we were getting some clear yes no answers then it started spinning really fast and we heard this loud snap in the darkness behind us. One of the girls freaked and hissed at me

"There is someone out there!!"

"I replied back, don't be ridiculous," then thinking I was funny asked the board "is there someone there?"

To which the glass forcibly flew to the word yes so fast, and so hard. It was the clearest thing that had ever happened. One of the girls freaked, started crying and we noped the fuck out of there.

We never did play with an ouija board again after that fun night.

Still gives me the fucking creeps just writing about it.