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Chased by UFO

I was 12 at the time, and my family and I lived in the middle of nowhere in a town called Hollister. Our closest neighbors were our grandparents. They lived about 2 miles from us. My grandparents went out of town and I was left up toy the task of feeding the dogs. I hadn't fed the dogs one night and i asked my mom to drive me over, because the middle of nowhere is scary at night. She parks in the coldesac, roughly 60 ft. across. I begin walking across a field to get to my grandparent's house and I begin hearing this metallic hovering sound that is quite loud. I turn towards my mom's car and there are 2 huge, white, beaming lights hovering in perfect sync above my mom's car. This night was really overcast,so we couldn't identify this intelligent object. I ran to my mom's car and hopped in. She asked me "do you hear that." I just pointed up towards the sun roof of the car and my mom took off down the road. The lights begin to follow us all the way home and stops hovering above our front yard. We grab my brother and dad and we watch the ligthts hover above our yard for about 30 minutes and the they disappeared through the overcast fog.

To debunk: Not an airport. I lived in a VERY low populated area Not helicopter. A helicopter has a very distinct sound

Not sure what it was but i scared the shit out of me.