TailwindsFoxy Thread

My stories are nothing in comparison to many of these ,but paranormal happenings seem to be drawn to me. My nana used to tell me that her mother, my great grandmother would watch over me when I was a baby. Her mother had been murdered many years before I was born by my nana's younger brother who had a history of schizophrenia. Anyways, nana said that she vividly remembers laying me down for a nap in my crib with the window cracked open a bit. Now, being that we're from Michigan, the weather changes very rapidly and it had become very cold outside in a matter of an hour or two. Nana went into my room to close the window but it had already been shut. On top of that, I had been covered in a blanket that had previously been in the closet. Nana has stories like this that have happened to her own children as well as my younger cousins. We like to think her mom watches over the babies that she never got to meet. Throughout the years small paranormal things had happened to me. We lived in a very old home (built 1939) that had been hand built by an old man and his son. This house however, had a weird energy about it. When I took photos I would almost always have those orbs floating around in them. I would be sitting at the desk in my room and would feel someone brush past my hair or sigh in my ear. This wasn't strange to me at all since I grew up with it happening. I felt a presence frequently too. But one day absolutely changed my outlook on spirits. I was in middle school and had gotten up to get ready to catch the bus. It was still very dark outside, maybe like 6am. I went to go down into the basement to grab some clothes from the laundry room, but when I flipped on the light I saw a man standing at the bottom of the stairs staring at me. I remember his face perfectly but his colors were washed out looking. He was a wispy white figure that had a small glow to him. I froze in absolute disbelief and terror at the top of the stairs. I have never been so horrified in my life. But when he moved, it was very very unsettling. He would turn and pause then move at inhuman speeds to his destination then pause before changing direction and zipping off again. He went to the deepest most cluttered cornor and disappeared after that. From then on the paranormal things got more strange and frequent. The oven door would open then slam shut, pictures would fall, etc. I miss that house but not the spirits.