THISisGO Thread

This happened about five years ago when my girlfriend and I had first moved in together. It was a nice little one bedroom apartment with a little bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. It was both of our first times living away from our parents so we were light on the furnishings. We had one mattress that lay in the corner of the room and a cheap lamp we got from a garage sale at the other.

I was on my laptop, as a normally was before going to bed, and my girlfriend was sewing some sequins onto a shirt for some project she was doing. She decided it was time for bed so she got up, turned off the light, and laid back in bed. She cuddled up to my arm as I was browsing the internet and then out of the bathroom I hear "Babe! Can you bring me toilet paper"

I literally shot up from my bed dropping the laptop and ran and turned the light on to find nothing in the bed. I was so shocked/scared that I pretty much broke down right there and then. My girlfriend ran out of the bathroom pants down still because of all the noise I had made jumping out of bed and running to the other side of the room. We to this day sleep with christmas lights on in the room.