Disarmyou Thread

When I was younger I used to live with my grandparents. They had a large 2 story villa, gorgeous house. My bedroom was on the lower floor right next to theirs. Right outside my room was a mirror, a decorated one with 3 white doves on it. When I was about 5-6 I woke up to a noise, I remember being scared and I slowly peeked over my blankets and I looked at the mirror. Right under where the doves were I saw a face, looking right at me, eyes as wide as I had ever seen. The skin on the face looked all burnt. I remember being petrified frozen, I couldn't move nor could I stop looking at it. Eventually sleep took over and I woke up in the morning. It never happened again (lived in that house for about another 3 years) but I certainly wont ever forget it.