Buzzardry Thread

I know it's a little late, but I figured I'd share a good story along these lines that happened to my wife and mother-in-Law.

This all happened about twenty years ago when my wife was eight years old. She grew up in an area of rural West Virginia. At the time, her mother was a nurse and worked days while her father worked night shifts at the steel mill nearby. They didn't have too much money because they were a young couple with a young daughter, so they lived in a stationary mobile home with an attached outdoor garage.

One night while my father-in-law was at work, my wife and her mom were about to go to sleep. All of a sudden they hear the handle on the door of the home start to rattle. They ignored it, thinking it was the wind or something because it was a kind of cheaper mobile home. Then it started rattling again. My mother-in-law got up to go check the door, and outside of the home there were three people dressed in hoodies and rubber masks standing outside and facing the door. My mother-in-law freaked out and ran into the other room to grab a pistol that they had. When she got back, they were still there, not moving while one of them messed with the door handle. After a while, one started walking around the home banging on the walls and making noise and another went around the home and was obviously making noises in the garage. All the while, the one stood at the door jiggling the handle.

After about fifteen minutes of banging on the walls and jiggling the door handle, the noises stopped and my mother-in-law didn't see anyone outside the door. She felt comfortable enough to take her attention off the door and called the police. When the police arrived, there were signs that the people had messed with the door and tried to get into the home, but nothing was taken, destroyed, or otherwise vandalized. This was weird because apparently my father-in-law had some valuables in the garage (speakers, electronics, miscellanious stuff that was worth well over two to three thousand dollars and could have easily been taken). The police told them that when situations like this happen and there isn't any vandalism or theft, it most likely indicates that the people had been watching them for a while, knew my father-in-law had left for his shift, and had come for my wife and mother-in-law in the night.

My father-in-law changed shifts shortly after this occurred, and they moved out of West Virginia shortly after that. All three of them tell the same version of the story, so I know for certain that it's true. It's scary as hell and it makes me think that they very easily could have been abducted/raped/killed that night.