Angeldown Thread

When I was younger, I used to live on the other side of the city that my parents still live in now (Rockville, MD for any of you who are familiar with it). It was sort of the "older" side of the town, and right down the street from me, within view of my front yard, was an old cemetery that hadn't been in use for quite awhile. Anyways, I've told this story before, so here's the last post I made about it: **************************** ...When this occurs I am in first or second grade. I am getting ready for bed, and it is already quite a bit dark out. Suddenly, just as I finish putting on my pajamas, my window is flooded with a bright green light that illuminates the room. Within seconds, the light seems to "pass," in the same pattern that occurred when cars passed outside and their headlights shone through the window.

Curious, I hop over to my window and peek outside. The green light seems to be emanating from down the street. I leave my room, calling for my parents as I trot down the stairs and out the front door so I can get a better view from the front yard. Several other front doors up and down the street are opening and closing as many of my neighbors also emerge from their homes to see what's going on.

Everything is oddly silent. The world is blanketed in the green light, as if I'm looking through some sort of strange photo filter. I step out onto the sidewalk and step toward the direction that it seems brightest. From out here I can tell that whatever is causing the light seems to be located in the graveyard down the street, but before I can take another step, I hear my father calling for me. I turn around to see my parents standing in the front doorway to our house. My dad is calling "Angeldown, get back here!" but I can barely hear him over the silence. That's when I realize that the air isn't silent at all--it's very very loud. I can tell my parents are scared, and this fear immediately spreads to me. I run back to them and go to sleep in their bed that night. When I wake up, the light is gone.

Years later I mentioned that event to my mother, but she wouldn't talk about it.

So, yeah. That's one of my weird creepy experiences. I never thought to ask any other neighbors about it. We moved to a different house across town within the year, so by the time I was old enough to think to ask other people, I didn't have any way to contact them.