tastybabysoup Thread

Warning: This is gross and is the reason I can't eat chicken sandwiches.

The story goes that a girl ordered a chicken sandwich from fast food place: Lettuce, tomato, pickles but NO mayonnaise. So she gets her sammie, drives off and begins to eat it in the car. All of a sudden she gets a big mouthful of what she assumes in mayonnaise. With her sandwich ruined and her being too far away from the joint to ask them to fix it, she just decides to eat something at home and wrap the chicken sandwich back up. Later, she gets rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. Turns out there was no mayonnaise in the sandwich and the substance was determined to be PUS FROM A GOD DAMN TUMOR THE CHICKEN HAD.

I know how many inaccuracies this story has, I know that's not how fast food chicken is made...but since I read that, I have been terrified to eat a chicken sandwich. God dammit, now I'm all skeeved out again.