Towerss Thread

When I was younger I was pretty afraid of walking in the woods alone. Too many misleading stories of moose being manslaughtering evil killing machines, and badgers eating your leg with no provocation. Nowadays I jog at 2 AM deep in the forest and the like and think nothing of it. However, a few days ago I heard some womans wretched screaming deep into the woods, then loud frantic sobbing, then it stopped. It sounded like it was close so I went panicky as fuck and tried to see if I could see who they were since it sounded like it was around 15 meters up in the trail, but I couldn't see anything. I was terrified as fuck, I literally lied down into the ditch like a coward and couldn't see shit and just waited for whoever I assume was currently murdering a woman to get the fuck out. I started remembering all the urban legends of people running away from the local insane asylum and killing themselves/others in the forest (killing themselves part is true btw, happens every few years).

Around 10 minutes later with no action I ran back as fast as I could and called the police. They found nothing apparently. I really don't know what happened. I'm going to stay away from there for a few weeks though.