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My mother was almost killed by her stalker neighbor when she was younger. Cops suspect he was hiding in the house with a kitchen knife while she was in the house. Luckily she got a creeped out feeling and ran to her grandparents house.

EDIT. Okay so since people are asking for the story I am going to just copy/paste from when I told it before. Okay so when my mom a a youngin, her and her mother lived in a trailer in the backyard of a family members house. My mom was about 12 at the time that the man in the neighboring house started to stare at her from time to time. She got a creepy vibe from him but figured it was just a harmless lonely guy. One night when my mom was alone she heard something on the roof of their trailer. Then she heard what sounded like foot steps slowly walking along the metal rooftop. Given they were dirt poor at the time they did not have a phone so she eventually ran out of the trailer and into the house without looking on the roof. When her uncle went outside to investigate nothing was on the roof. A few weeks went by with no incidents and my mom figured she must have been overly scared of nothing. More fucked up stuff would randomly happen, but only when she was alone, and it was always spaced out a week or two. If I remember correctly this occurred over maybe a couple months before it stopped completely. Months go by without any weird instances at all until one night my mom wakes up to the trailer unbelievably hot, she could feel the heater on full blast. She got out of bed and was about to go to the control for the trailer's heater but she was overcome with a bad feeling and decided to just go into the house. The uncle went out to the trailer and noticed that the lock on the door was broken or messed with and he looked inside quickly but didn't see anything. His wife made him call the police and when they came out they searched the trailer and found one of the kitchen knifes behind a chair next to the heating controller. They suspected that the neighbor went into the trailer, turned the heat up and crouched behind the chair waiting for my mom to come by and then who knows. It's been a long time since I heard the story but from what I remember the cops questioned the neighbor but really couldn't do anything about it. Luckily my mom and grandmother were able to move out of that town right after that. My mom told me that about five or something years later she was visiting other family who lived in a nearby town and she saw the neighbor at the grocery store and she bolted out before he saw her.