stardust7 Thread

My best friend and I were having a sleep over at her house. We were teenagers, and for some reason we were home alone. We're goofing off upstairs when suddenly we hear a crash downstairs. We of course freak out for maybe 30 minutes before we get the nerve to go check it out. I grab a bat and we slowly creep down the steps. In the kitchen, we find a glass bowl had fallen and broke, but the really creepy part is that all the pieces had been picked up and put in another bowl on the table. We still have no idea how that happened.

Another time with the same friend, we decided it would be fun to sleep outside in my friend's parent's camper. In the middle of the night I woke up to the silhouette of some guy standing in the doorway. He stands for a minute and then walks out. I was still half asleep and wondering if that really happened when I fell back to sleep. The next morning my friend tells me about a "dream" she had about someone coming into the camper. Of course, freaking out ensued. Apparently someone (a hobo perhaps, she lives right next to the tracks) had been sleeping there without anyone knowing.