MilkChugg Thread

I have a story that didn't happen to me, but rather my friend's dad. This guy isn't the type to bullshit, so I believe him 100%.

My friend's dad (we'll call him Jack) and his brother (we'll call him Tom) lived with each other in the 80s. It was just the two of them living in the house, no one else. So, this one night Jack is coming home at night and walks into his living room to see a bunch of old people sitting around talking. As he walks in, they all just quiet down and awkwardly look at him as he walks by. He doesn't see Tom anywhere, so he just assumes Tom will be back to tend to his guests. Jack has work the next morning, so he goes in his room to get some sleep, but is kept up from all the people talking. He walks out from his room and is promptly met up with Tom who is coming out of his room to tell Jack to keep his friends quiet. However, Jack was coming out to tell Tom to keep HIS friends quiet. They walk out from the hallway into the living room only to see that it's empty with the leftover smell of musk.