shinydragonite Thread

I supervise the night crew (4-midnight) at a Subway. The day crew has never mentioned it, but the night crew always make jokes about our "SubGhost", although I've stopped being sure that it's actually a joke.

Now here me out. I'm not saying the Subway I work at is haunted... but I'm not saying it's not haunted, either. It's open 24/7, so past midnight just one person stays by themself until day crew rolls in around 6 am, and I always spend at least an hour a night alone, and quite awhile with just one other person. Sometimes we hear voices. The music is off, there's only 1 or 2 of us, but we can hear people having a conversation, although it's too quiet to pick out words. The first time I heard voices I looked at my supervisor and asked if she heard them too, and she looks me in the eyes and casually says "Yeah, it's the SubGhosts talking". It sounds like a joke, but now I realize when I'm training a newbie on the late shift I've given the casual "It's just the SubGhost" response more times than I can remember.

There's voices, there's weird crashing noises, sometimes when no one is in the room things fall off the counters for no discernible reason. Once our owner bought new paper towel auto-dispensers to replace the old push dispensers. I was alone right before the graveyard guy came in, when I heard a towel dispense. I walked around the corner and everything was quiet. I was about to walk away when another towel came out. Then another. Then another. Finally it goes full SubGhost and dispenses the entire roll continuously without stopping, much like when a cat finds out how to unroll your toilet paper. It only stopped when there was no paper left. No one else was around, but a few days later the owner switched them back, so we now have the manual paper towels thingys back.

If there is a SubGhost, s/he's a homie, and I don't really mind. Stupid day crew is oblivious, but us night crew tend to become quite familiar with the sandwich spook, and it's presence is so constant (it's a strange night when something isn't explained that by "SubGhost") that the voices have almost become comforting.