silentnovae Thread

Creepiest thing will forever be the man who watched me at my window. It's nothing paranormal, but honestly. I was texting my girlfriend, playing a game, and I heard rustling outside my window (keep in mind I live in the basement as an "apartment" at my mom's house). I don't have any curtains, and I turned off my iPod. I could see someone actually fucking staring at me. This went on for about 10 minutes. I texted my little sister to get the fucking bat, and turn on the lights upstairs. After he saw the lights, he ran off.

I have never been more creeped out, except for the recent occurrence. Thought I imagined the "FWOOSH" and "PLOP" sound in the middle of the night. I brushed it off. Next morning, stepdad was cleaning the yard and found the A/C cover in the other window well. I went upstairs to get ready to wash my mom's car when they told me. They asked me if I heard anything, so I told them. I keep a knife and an aluminum bat with me.

For the people who will likely ask why we haven't called the police: We did the first time, they said they couldn't do anything. Short of breaking into the house, we're stuck dealing with this person (or people) until they do break in.

EDIT: TO EVERYONE SAYING I NEED TO GET A GUN: I cannot legally obtain any firearms in the house due to the nature of my mental illness. While I am stable right now, everyone in my home and the state decided it would be best not to keep a gun in the house. SO, I am keeping my knife (as I am still allowed to keep that) and my bat. My friend is probably going to hand over his BB gun for my use.

Edit : Jesus christ my inbox is filled to the brim. Yes, I have a mental illness. No, this wasn't me hallucinating. We saw footprints by the window, and my sister also saw a man outside. She has no history of mental illness. Oh! Right, my yard doesn't have a fence. It's a corner house where two streets intersect. A lot of people walk through our yard, but this was the first time ever since we've lived here that it happened. The police were probably lying to us, but we haven't caught the person. And they're currently removing the sheriff in my county from office for a sexting scandal. I think that's all I need to edit?

Final edit for now because I'm going to go play TF2 with some friends: I have bipolar disorder, specifically Type I. I haven't been psychotic in years. Continue to speculate and murder my inbox freely while I attempt to learn this game.

Welp. TF2 isn't working right now for me, so! Because a few people have mentioned my bipolar being the culprit, I wasn't feeling anxious at the time. Just a bit tired, and was texting my girlfriend. My sister has a reddit account, so I'll see if she can actually post here if you guys want my story corroborated.

I should have also mentioned we have a little kid in the house for the gun thing, but I know people would go through my account, so I thought I would be upfront with that. My stepdad got rid of his rifle and handgun a little bit before he was born. And my sister is being bitchy for interrupting her having sex with her boyfriend.