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A guy came to our back door at around 9:00 one night. We live in a rural area, so visitors past five are very uncommon. The light was off, but he strutted up to the door and asked for my mom. I ran and got her, and stood with her as they talked.

He said that he was starting up a new business, and asked whether she liked american made products or not. She responded,

"Sure." He looks at us, then pulls a fucking clorox container out from behind his back and handed it to us, saying,

"Here's a sample of one of our products." There was something inside that wasn't clorox- it was small and very loud when we shook it.

He walked back to his van, saying he was going to 'show us some more products.' This guy walked up to his van, opened the door, turned on the lights, and we saw that there were eight other men sitting in the car.

Mom told me to get my knife and phone then threw the clorox back at them. She told them to get the fuck off her property, and that she was calling the police.

They peeled out and we never saw the car again.

EDIT: Here's another story in the same place!

A man came to the back door around the same time some months later. He was bending over and shuffling through some garbage bags that he had set down. When my mom asked what the hell he was doing, he said,

"This is for your little girl." I have a ten year old sister. He left and we went through the bags- inside was used clothing, empty boxes of tampons, assorted garbage, and a number of bent-out-of-shape metal hangers.

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