NoImDominican Thread

Creepiest thing I remember ever happening to me didn't involve "paranormal" things.

I was walking to the store late at night probably around 11-1 am don't remember but the streets were isolated. I live in the bronx in a not so safe area but I've grown up around the "not so nice" people in this neighborhood all my life to not be afraid that anything will happen to me since a lot of them actually look out for their neighbors (they still aren't nice people to others but I digress.)

While I was walking the streets were completely empty until I heard footsteps behind me, being the cautious person that I am I turn around to take a good look at the man for a long minute just incase I had to identify him later, growing up in an unsafe place this is typically my line of thinking. Being that I'm a short girl (5'1) and this man was twice my height I was a bit creeped out but kept walking like normal.

After a while he caught up to me and asked if I was Dominican I sternly said yes and kept walking he then asked if I was 18 (this was 3 years ago at the time I was 17) and I replied no and was ready to cross the street because he was freaking me out. As soon as I said no he looked at me disappointed and said oh never mind then and ran away from me. It was such a small thing but it really creeped me out thinking about what may have happened if I had told him I was 18 and what exactly this guy was planning.