Skeptic1222 Thread

Kidnapping attempt in the 1980's.

Sacramento neighborhood late at night, visiting a friend when I was maybe 9-10 years old. Three of us walk out to go play at this park / elementary school several blocks away at around 10:00pm at night. We were playing Frisbee in the street in front of the school and our Frisbee lands in the street as a white van pulls up and stops, as if to allow us to get our Frisbee. I walk toward the van and grab the Frisbee, then move to the side to allow the van to pass.

As the van passed the sliding door opened and a guy dressed in black like a ninja came flying out and tried to grab me. He had a harness on and the van had been rigged with a telescoping mechanism that allowed him to come out around 5 feet while hanging from this harness (like they do in some haunted houses where people appear to be flying) and it was operated by another person inside, also dressed in black. So there was at least 3 people involved in this attempt.

I barely dodged his attempt to grab me and all 3 of us ran toward the elementary school and hopped the fence (about 6 feet tall), ran along the fence though bushes and then hopped a second fence (about 15' maybe) that allowed us to be inside the school.

We were scared as hell and could hear the van driving around and assumed they were in hot pursuit. We found a way to get onto the roof of the school from inside, thank god, and proceeded to observe the van driving around the school for at least 30 minutes in an obvious attempt to find us.

This scared us even more because one would think the would be kidnappers would flee, but I suppose they thought we could identify them. This was before cell phones so we stayed up there until around 45 minutes after we last saw them. It appeared that some of them were searching for us on foot also, which added to the fear. We eventually escaped and went back to my friends house, and never told anyone in our family out of fear of being punished.