sonikaos Thread

This isn't supernatural or anything just good ole human creepy. In the late 90's I went to a yard sale about 6 blocks from my house (I live in a fairly small town). I found this silver cigarette case that I thought would make me look stylish and uber sophisticated at the bar. I bought it for \$2 from a guy that was at least 85 years old. I took it home and immediately dropped it on the sidewalk and dented one corner, but it was still good looking so I used it for awhile. After a couple bar trips it became a pain in the ass, as it only held 8 smokes, so I tossed it in a nightstand drawer and forgot about it. A few months later I saw another yard sale at the same place and stopped to look. I found a cigarette case just like the one I bought and picked it up. It not only had the same dented corner but I opened it up and there was a cigarette that was my brand inside. For some reason I felt the need to buy it again for \$2 from the same old geezer. When I got home the case was not in my nightstand. I will never forget the smile that old fucker gave me when I bought it the second time.