BMLM Thread

When I was child I vividly remember having dreams where I was in a toy store, or was playing with a toy I didn't have, and if I gripped it really, really hard, I would wake up with the toy in real life.

My family was by no means poor, but very often my toys were bought from garage sales. They had bought me a really cool He-Man action figure. For too long he didn't have a Skeltor to fight. I begged and pleaded, and my family tried to find one at garage sales. No luck.

One night I dream about playing with a Skeletor at the toy store. I wanted it SO DAMN BAD. At some point I realized I was dreaming. I didn't want to stop playing with it. So I gripped it hard in my hands making sure that when I woke up I would have it. And I did.

I was stoked. My family asked me where I had gotten the toy, knowing that I wanted one. When I told them I took it from a dream they seemed pretty amused. In retrospect they likely bought it for me and slipped it to me in my sleep. If that was the case, they did this a few more times. Another time I had took a Power Ranger from my dream, and then a GI Joe car. Hell of a power to have as a kid.