dvac23 Thread

One of my good friends and her daughter took a picture of them kissing each other inside their newly purchased home. In the background you can clearly see a figure of a little girl who was not present for the photo. After research they found out the house used to be a crematorium. They had "ghost experts" come in to see if they could find anything and they could not. This picture changed my opinion on ghosts. http://imgur.com/1lZ7oH0

Edit: I truly believe this to be real as I saw how freaked out my friend was and I know she has no reason to lie about it. I understand it is not the best quality but I could not find the digital copy so it is a picture of a picture. I am truly surprised at the response as when i try to show this to my anyone I know who is not an acquaintance of this woman they immediately dismiss it as fake. If there is interest I will scan and upload the picture for better quality/ further analysis as i am just as curious as any of you.

Edit 2: Found the original copy this is much better quality and can prove it has not been photo shopped http://i.imgur.com/cLnxtP4.png

Edit 3: Someone brought up a really good point as to why the subjects of the picture are not centered, leading people to question the validity. The answer is simply that i cropped the photo a long time ago when i saved it to my computer. I will look for the original image but it was saved to an old computer. Also the family still lives in the house. They tell me about odd things happening like items being misplaced or objects falling for no apparent reason however these things can all be explained and i have yet to hear anything reasonable explaining how that figure would appear on this image.