AsianRainbow Thread

This didn't happen to me but it happened to my cousin & was witnessed by another cousin & an aunt. For an ease of the story we'll say my younger cousin's name is Jenny, my older cousins name is Jane & my aunt's name is Myra. So Jenny & Myra are in NYC to visit Jane while she's in her master's program. They tour around NYC & stay at a hotel I think in Manhattan some where. Anyways, middle of the night Jenny is having nightmares. After talking with her after the fact, she describes sleep paralysis to the tee. Apparently Jenny was being drawn in and suffocated by a massive TV that drove her through the bed & into the ground. She woke up screaming & crying & vomitted/pissed herself in the bathroom. My aunt Myra goes to help her & wash her off. They both head back to bed soemtime later.

Anyways, they get back to bed. A while later, my aunt checks on Jenny who is staring directly at her with a blank expression. She's now sleeping with her eyes fully open. My aunt is creeped out all the while she & my other cousin Jane are hearing whisperings and children's voices. So they leave first thing in the morning but here's the creepy thing. There's a photo of a my family at Serendipity where Jenny has fully blackened lips. Not photoshop blackened but they're perfectly black almost as if she had put on some make up or lipstick. But of course she didn't, I've seen the photo & can post it when I get off work but it's really weird since it's so symmetrical in the picture. To this day we have no idea why her lips showed up like that. Sorry for the structure, typin on my phone.

TL/DR: Cousin had nightmares all through the night, looks like El Vira with no make up added in a family photo the day after. Edit includes Tldr