lanadog Thread

When I was about 6 years old and was playing with the kid next door one afternoon, the lights went out all of a sudden. We were by ourselves since all of her family members were at the hospital with her mom who was suffering from leukemia then. So when the blackout happened, my friend went out of the house to the porch and was doing something I don't remember. I was by the door looking outside when something made me look back in to the house.

There, in the living room, was a shadow figure walking around - tall, dark, no recognizable features whatsoever. It was as if someone was wearing a black whole body suit, but not as definite as a real person would be in a room. Wasn't too blurry either, but I noticed it moved around the room as if it were looking for something. I actually wasn't scared at this point, since I've never seen anything like it and I was a curious child. The next thing I knew, it went up to the second floor and so I followed it and continued to watch the shadow figure walk around the bedroom - again kinda' looking for something. Then it started moving towards the wall on my right. I remember thinking this time,"Oh shit, is it gonna disappear!? Is it gonna disappear!?" And sure it enough, it vanished through the wall.

I forgot about all this until I was around 17 and was watching one of those "Real Ghost Stories" on tv in Japan (the ones they show every summer season before 'obon' holidays). One guy talked about his own experience of seeing shadow figures in a hospital where he was confined in for a few months. He mentioned that he sometimes saw them beside people who were about to die.

Chills ran up and down my spine when I heard this. I remember my friend's mom died about a week after I saw that shadow thing. But at least I now have my own understanding of what that dark figure I saw might have been: either Death or the thing that 'picks you up' when you die.