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I was out at a restaurant with some friends a long time ago, probably 10 or 11 years ago. We were all pretty stoned and were eating at some Italian place. We had just ordered our food and were all chatting and some random dude that looked like he smoked a lot of crack came out from the back area.

He walked to the front of the place, turned around and looked at everyone in the restaurant and then stopped at me. He looked dead at me and said, "YOU! I need your help."

I sat there thinking "what the fuck is this crack head talking about."

Whatever, I got up and went to "help him" and apparently he needed help putting on a backpack because it was "heavy."

There was literally nothing in the bag. Except maybe crack or drugs. There was no weight to it at all, nothing whatsoever.

After that he thanked me and walked out.

I still have no idea what the fuck was in his bag or why he chose me out of a full restaurant of people.

Weird people like talking to me for some reason.