Kawaii_Sauce Thread

Probably going to get buried but I always tell it to my friends whenever they ask about the scrape scar on my thigh. It's not the creepiest thing to happen to me but rather the most inexplicable. I was walking down an empty street late at night in a not-so-safe town. Up ahead, I saw this house completely marked up with "do not cross" yellow police tape. So, being curious, I stared at the front of the house as I passed it. Here's where things get creepy. As I passed the first, dark window I hear this very audible tap-tap-tap sound, as if something was rhythmically tapping the window from the inside as I was passing it. Slightly freaked out, I began to walk a bit faster, passing the front door and proceeding to pass by the other front window. As I began to pass this second window the tapping SWITCHED from the first window to the second as if the thing inside the house was following me. I obviously flipped shit and ran across the street. Unfortunately for me, the roads were fairly wet after a rainy day and I completely ate it in the middle of the road. I ended up limping to my destination with a bloody thigh.