OcelotePiss Thread

Well, quick story involving my brother and I. He was around 21 and I around 18. Parents were out of town, so we decided to have a couple of beers, sit by a fire in the backyard and chill.

Gets to be around 3am and we hear the crunching of leaves in the woods, sounded like 20 feet or so away. Our nearest neighbor lived a few miles away, so we were a little freaked out.

We both looked at each other and sprinted to our shed. The shed had a door like a garage, and as we turned to shut it, we saw a human-like figure running at us. We slammed the door, locked it from the inside and moved to the back.

There was pounding at the door for around 20 minutes or so, and we heard what sounded like cackling. After the noise stopped, we took turns on watch and waited till morning. He grabbed a shovel, I grabbed a crowbar, we opened the door and saw.... nothing.

We thought we had imagined it until we saw the footprints. My brother wears size 13.5 (US), and these prints were at least 2-3 inches bigger. No shoes, and one too many toes on both feet.

We got back to the house, called the cops, they sent someone out to check on us, we showed them the prints, they took pictures and told us to call if anything else happened. Moved out around 3 months later. Old neighbor called me up yesterday and asked if i had seen anything strange around. He described the footprints to me perfectly. They were outside his window.