Morgan-Explosion Thread

Been waiting to tell this story. I grew up in a forrest town kinda out in the boonies, tons of trees not many residents. When I was around 16 my mother went out of town one weekend on business. I was a pretty good kid and we had a good relationship, the only three rules were: If you party do it elsewhere, Dont drive drunk, and lock up the house when you go out. I actually didnt have major plans that weekend, so I went to hang and my friends place. I locked up the house, turned off the lights and headed out. Wasnt a huge night, we hung out, ate food, watched movies etc. I left and came home around 1am. I knew something was up the second I got home. The front door was wide open. I peeked nervously inside and literally every goddamned door in the house was wide open (multiple balcony doors, front back, everything) and every single light AND appliance was on and running (TVs, toaster, computers FUCKING EVERYTHING).

To make things even more weird my dog (150lbs Purebred Alaskan Timber wolf) came trotting up like nothing was up. My mother is in Law Enforcement so I quickly went to my room, loaded my handgun, and cased the house, room by room, calling out loud that I was armed and any intruders should either present themselves or run.

I didnt find a damn thing. Just lots of running appliances. To this day I have no idea what the hell that was. Nothing was missing just on and open. The house has had a lot of crazy shit happen in it. I tend to be a materialist and dont buy too much into the ghosty thing, but goddamn I cant explain that one.

Bonus: The house sits on an old abandoned silver mine, which for us just meant that we wouldnt have to worry about erosion since the mine had great drainage. My mom Passed a couple months ago but before she went she said she could clearly hear people knocking on her bedroom walls at night (third story room) and also said she could hear very clearly the sounds of people walking around in the attic. She said she thought her time was near and figured it was the other side reaching out. Then bam she kicked the bucket, in that bedroom.

Still dont know what to make of it, I still own that house though.

Edit TL/DR: House on abandoned Silver Mine, locked it up, turned off the lights. Came home to every door open and every light and appliance we own on. No one in the house, dead quiet, dog was chillin, nothing missing... wtf

Edit 2: Apparently just cuss Im excited to tell a story doesnt mean anyone cares lol

Edit 3: Yay! You do care! Lol thanks for the support! Probably one of my creepiest experiences in that house.

Edit 4: Lots of people want to see my dog! [Here she is!] (