spayce_bewbs Thread

For once I have a good story, and I'm late! Oh well.

Backstory: my family that lives down south, I don't get to see very often. There were two brothers, C & G. They were identical twins, both about 7' tall, lanky dudes with bright white hair from a pretty young age. Anyway, handfull of years ago, C died. G lives in a little house now with his wife, their daughter, and her daughter. C died before the little grand-daughter was born, and she hadn't been told that her 'Pawpaw' had a brother. Anyway, I went to visit them a few years ago, the granddaughter was between 2 & 3 at the time. I got to hear the story of 'Scary Pawpaw'.

A few months prior to my visit, the little girl had changed her drawings of Pawpaw to have big red eyes and a big jagged grin. After this became a trend, they asked her why Pawpaw looked different. She told them (as clearly as a 2 year old could) that that was Scary Pawpaw. She told them he came in her room at night and woke her up sometimes, and would tell her funny stories to make her laugh. She had been caught a few times sitting up in the middle of the night, giggling. This went on for a few weeks before her mother (G's daughter) was taking pictures of herself in the family room with their digital camera. When she opened them up on the computer, one of them had the distinct shape of a very tall man behind her, with no telling features except for the shock of white hair on the head. I got to see the picture while I was there, and it terrified me.

The drawings continue apparently, and occasionally the little girl will say "hi Pawpaw!" when no one else is around, and talk to him.

Being someone who doesn't believe in ghosts or supernatural things like this, hearing it from my family, seeing the pictures, and hearing the little girl tell it gave me goosebumps. Being in that house is hard for me now, and thinking about it gives me chills.

EDIT: I'm sorry folks, I don't have any pics. Huge let down, I know!

EDIT part II: I messaged the one family member involved that I'm friends with on facebook, we'll see what happens! The time difference is something like 3 or 4 hours I think, so it probably won't happen tonight.