captainplisskin Thread

There is a real creepy path that leads back to my house (which can be avoided but the alternative is way longer and as i am lazy...) whoch is completely pitch black and through a wood. One night after coming home from work I see a hooded figure a few feet away from me, doing something, looking at the floor. The figure takes one look at me and runs ahead up right into the path I have to take, nowhere to be seen. As I walk\ towards what he was looking at I see that he was trying to BURN A STILETTO SHOE! The creepiness set in, and I though about calling the police, but what could I have said ("Mr officer I saw a guy burning a woman's shoe").The worst thing was that he ran straight ahead to where I was walking, so I made damned sure that I had my keys in my hand, ready to take him on if he came at me i the night, but he didn't. I was a training to be a journalist (and I am one now) and checked the newspapers and made inquiries afterwards but nothing... but sure creeped me out ever since.