exophoria Thread

For about 3 months, I'd wake up and I'd see people in my room about 5 times a week. It started when I woke up and there a was a teenage-looking girl sat on my window sill smiling. At first I thought it was my curtain just set in a weird way, so I sat up to push it. I then got a closer look at her face and didn't break eye contact with her. I touched her leg, and she laughed then faded away. I didn't sleep too well that night.

Another notable experience is when I woke up as I felt brushing on my arm. Next to me was a Walter White sort of looking guy (bald headed guy in his 50's) having a fit in my bed next to me. For some reason my first instinct was to press down on his chest. I could feeling him shaking for a while, then he just faded away.

Another experience which has stook around is when I woke up and there were two long feet dangling by the side of me. I looked up, and there was an African malnourished girl hanging from the ceiling by a rope, staring at me smiling.

Most of the other times it was just really average people just sort of sat on my bed, or stood in the corner. I've never really seem demons or monsters or whatever.

I don't personally think this is anything paranormal, I don't know, maybe I kept waking up during deep sleep due to stress, and I carried on dreaming for a bit.