CrazyOdder Thread

I was at CVS one day and it was storming and windy (cliche I know) and I went inside and when I came back there was a wallet sitting on the hood of my car, I figured that's odd and I hopped in my car with the wallet and started looking through it. It was a pretty typical wallet some cards, \$32 in cash, a hunting license and a drivers license, then it gets weird the photo on the drivers license photo is empty, also the license expired in 1987, weird. Look at the hunting license it too expired in 1987. I found a card for a Dr. in the wallet too called the # and the number was dead, he was a psychiatrist. When I got home I googled the address on the license and the address didn't exist on Google Maps, but I knew what road it was on. A couple days later after trying to figure this out I said forget it and just drove all the way to the road the license said kinda found the address, it skipped like 237, 241 blank lane. No 239, there was a dirt driveway though and at the end of that was a dilapidated trailer and I yelled to see if anyone was there and noped the hell out of there it was the creepiest feeling place I have ever been. After googling a couple days later I found the psychiatrist on the card, and called his office saying I found this guys wallet and he said "You'll never be able find him", I asked "Whys that" and he started rushing the call and said "Id prefer not to discuss that case, sorry".

TL;DR : I found a wallet sitting on my car, everything in it expired in 1987. Found the guys address and it technically didn't exist. Called the psychiatrist in his wallet and he hung up on me and "Didn't want to discuss that case".


I can't find the picture of the actual hunting license, I text it to my brother though who is a hunter I'll call him later and see if he has it. Sorry for the crappy photos guys.

EDIT: also when I was going through the photos I found a pic of a receipt that says 2/2000 on it which is odd, I would upload but it has his (looks like) SSN and card #