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i posted this somewhere before, but can't find it. I worked in an mansion-turned-office building for a few years. The place was reputed to be haunted. Meh, I had shit to do. One night, working late, I heard the front door of the building open and someone come up the stairs. Except the "coming up the stairs" part never stopped. It was like an army of heavy-steppers marching continuously. My office door opened right near the top of the stairs. I didn't dare open the door...scared shitless, I actually called the cops.

Cops ultimately went into the attic to see if anyone was up there. A single shot was fired, and two cops came running down the stairs. They wouldn't tell me what they saw or what happened. They just told me to go home for the night.

TL:dr office building completely haunted; pretty sure cops shot at a ghost

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